Enterprise High School Memorial

A memorial for lives lost and a town torn apart by a devastating tornado.

For: Hobbs Architectural Fountains
What: Industrial Design, Engineering

On March 1, 2007 the high school I graduated from in Enterprise, Alabama was destroyed by a tornado.  Nine lives were taken that day – eight from the high school.  In the storm’s wake much of the city was also left in ruin.

Not long after the high school had been demolished, a commemoration effort for the lives lost was starting to form.  A memorial was to be built and a water feature was part of the design.  The architect contracted to build the memorial subcontracted Hobbs Architectural Fountains to design and supply the components needed for the water feature.  At the time, they did this unknowing of my personal connection to the tragedy.  While working with the architectural firm based in Birmingham, Alabama, we collaboratively designed and built all of the custom components needed for the system.