Legacy Fountain at Piedmont Park

An interactive water feature with 70 individual spray effects and custom components.


For: Hobbs Architectural Fountains
What: Fountain Component Design, Engineering, Fabrication & Installation

There is far too much to cover to even get close to telling an intimate, short story about the design, development, installation and completion of this nearly year-long project…not to mention all of the challenges we faced along the way.  This was my last project while working at Hobbs Architectural Fountains.  It is extremely gratifying to walk up to it, hearing the low roar of the water from a distance cut by the excited laughter of children.  Somehow all of the effort, blood, sweat, and more blood that went in to making it real all goes away.  In the end, it is amazingly beautiful to see in person.

I designed and assembled each of the 70 can jets that make up this fountain.  There is also a custom designed valve inside of each can that controls the water’s flow directing it upwards into the air or down the drain to be filtered.  Numerous other specialty pieces were fabricated by hand simply because nothing on the market exists for these types of fountains (can someone say business opportunity!?).  With the help of a dedicated fabricators, engineers and installers, we placed each can in the ground and meticulously situated the components inside.  These pictures tell some of that story.

Me prepping the cans to be shipped to the job site for installation.

Carefully installing each internal assembly inside of each can.  This was quite literally back braking work.

Turning on the water for the first time.  I wish you could see the smile on my face behind the camera.

Finished and glorious.