I had the pleasure of attending Global Shop last week in tiny Las Vegas, NV.  In addition to walking the tremendously expansive exhibitor floor, I sat in on a few break out sessions to hear from the “experts” what the current state of retail was.  While some of the sessions lacked real insight, one in particular got me thinking.  “Who moved the front of my store” presented by Jason Goldberg of Crossview was a real treat in a sea of over used buzzwords.

Mr. Goldberg spoke of the retail experience in a way that related it (in my opinion at least) to service design.  By presenting the entire shopping experience and the myriad of touch points the modern-day shopper can interact with as a complete system he ended on a notion that I found very interesting…albeit central to how I see service design.  When fielding a question from the audience, Jason says, “Perfection is the enemy of good…”  That quote alone can be debated any number of ways, especially in the context of design.  However in the context of service design it works perfectly.  The chart below is how I ultimately interpret it.

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