Restonic Showroom

Updating a space to emphasize the power of restful sleep and reinvigorate a brand.

For: Restonic
What: Showroom Design, Engineering, Fabrication & Implementation


Below you’ll first see how the showroom space was divided into functional zones.  I used this same approach when I designed the showroom in THIS post.  Creating these zones is extremely helpful when the time comes to actually design what goes into those areas.  Basically, form follows function.


Now, here is the good stuff.  The entrance features several glowing fixtures that slowly pulse from dim to bright.  This was done to create a dream like environment as soon as a visitor enters the space.  This purposfully reinforces a key brand promise of “supporting dreams”.

Next up is a large window along a busy hallway.  The new design created a feature showcase area while simultaneously masking off portions of the window to create a sense of intrigue for passers by.

Photo Credits: Florian Vollmer, © InReality