ideas brewery stage II

I was lucky enough to have two of my ideas move into the second round of the Heineken Ideas Brewery Challenge.  I posted some of the original submissions here.  The two chosen concepts were “Grow Your Bottles” and “In-Store Growler Station”  What follows below is my final submission for the project.  Fingers crossed!

The Grow Your Bottles Concept is comprised of two separate solutions utilizing ‘grown’ material technology to reduce the amount of man-made materials within beverage packaging. Because of a unique fabrication process, several distinctive features are incorporated into each solution.

Solution A replaces secondary packaging with a mycelium structured Grow Box.  This is used for general transport and stays with the bottles throughout purchase and consumption cycles.  Once empty, the package is placed in your personal compost bin or tossed out with daily refuse.  In short time the package will biodegrade, leaving zero trace.

Solution B re-envisions how bottles are produced.  The Grow Bottle is comprised of an inner RPET core bottle {constructed in a separate process} and an outer mycelium wall structure grown around the RPET core bottle.  A squared shoulder design creates a connection point for individual bottles to fuse together creating a ‘grown group’ of six bottles.

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